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6 things iPhone 6 does that Galaxy Note 4 can't

Al Sacco | Nov. 6, 2014
The Apple iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 are two of the hottest smartphones available, but they each have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Here are six ways the iPhone 6 outperforms the Galaxy Note 4.

3) Apple iPhone 6 Size and Your Pocket
I seem to be in the minority these days, but I just can't get used to "phablets." In my opinion, the iPhone 6 is the perfect size for a phone. While the iPhone 6 Plus is apparently the more popular option, I appreciate the fact that Apple offers a smaller option for people who aren't ready to embrace the phablet movement.

Of course, Samsung offers a plethora of different devices, in different shapes and sizes. In fact, Samsung offers far more options than Apple when it comes to smartphones. But if you want the best of what the Note 4 has to offer -- the S Pen, the unparalleled multitasking features -- it's phablet or nothing.

The iPhone 6 packs just about all of the same features as its big brother, with the exception of an OIS camera feature in the Plus, so you really don't sacrifice features if you opt for the smaller version. My number one complaint about the Note 4 is its size, and I'd more than welcome a "mini" Note 4.

The iPhone 6 comfortably fits in my pants pocket. The Note 4? Not so much.

4) Wider Array of Built-In Storage Options
If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 4 from a U.S. wireless carrier, it's only available with 32GB of fixed storage. Of course, the Note has a microSD memory card slot that supports cards up to 128GB, according to Samsung. The iPhone offers more fixed storage options. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of fixed storage.

5) iPhone 6 Cost of Entry
You can get an iPhone 6 for $100 less than a Galaxy Note 4. Specifically, the iPhone 6 with 16GB of storage costs $200 with a new wireless service agreement, while the 32GB Galaxy Note 4 costs $300 with a new contract.

Comparing the iPhone 6 to the Galaxy Note 4 is kind of like comparing peaches to plums, though. It's more fitting to compare the iPhone 6 Plus 16GB, which costs $300 with a contract, and the 32GB Galaxy Note 4, which comes with more storage for the same price.

The unlocked 32GB version of the Galaxy Note 4 costs $840 in Samsung's online "factory outlet store." A contract-free 16GB iPhone 6 costs $650 via Apple's online store, while the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus goes for $750. (The contract-free iPhones in Apple's store are meant to be used on T-Mobile's network and may not be compatible with your wireless carrier.)

Bottom line: If you don't want to spend more than $200 on a new phone, the iPhone 6 is an option. The Note 4 is not. 


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