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6 Things Galaxy Note 4 Does That iPhone 6 Can't

Al Sacco | Nov. 6, 2014
The Apple iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 are two of the hottest smartphones available, but they each have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Here are six ways the Galaxy Note 4 outperforms the iPhone 6.

If you're not familiar with the Note family and S Pen, there's a bit of a learning curve. Once you get used to the Pen, though, it's hard to go back to using just your fingers for input. Of course, you can buy a third-party capacitive stylus for use with the iPhone 6, but Apple's phone isn't designed to work with a stylus, and as such, the Note 4 experience is far superior.

2) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a Multitasking Machine 
The Galaxy Note 4 has some useful and unique multitasking features that let you view and access multiple applications at the same time.

The Pop Up View shortcut lets you shrink compatible Samsung apps down to smaller windows that you can drag and position wherever you want them on your display. You can continue to work with the apps on the screen. If you want to close one, just tap a circle logo to collapse the app onto itself, then tap the circle again to reopen it. 

An evolved two-paned Multi Window feature lets you view and interact with multiple apps in split-screen modes. You can stretch and positions the panes wherever you want them. It's also easy to drag and drop text or other content between compatible apps.

The iPhone 6's multitasking features pale in comparison. They consist mostly of an application switcher that lets you scroll through open apps, along with a Recent Contacts bar that sits atop the app switcher and gives you quick access to, well, recent contacts. 

3) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Removable, Replaceable Battery Pack
It's simple to snap off the Galaxy Note 4's battery cover, remove its battery pack and pop in a new one. The Galaxy Note 4 has a large battery (3,220 mAh), and it's supposed to get an impressive 37 hours of standby time and 11 hours of continuous Internet use. Frequent travelers know, however, that no matter how long a phone lasts on a single charge, there are times when it's not enough.

I always feel better when I have a spare battery pack in my carry-on bag, and I appreciate that Samsung still makes phones with removable batteries. The trend seems to be toward fixed batteries in high-end phones, so the Note 4's replaceable power pack is all the more notable. The iPhone has never had a removable battery and very likely never will.

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and MicroSD Memory Cards
In addition to the removable battery pack, Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 also has a microSD memory card slot that supports cards up to 128GB. (Some early reports suggest the Note only supports 64GB cards, but Samsung's website clearly states support for 128GB cards.) You can also buy multiple cards, so your total capacity depends on the number of memory cards you're willing to carry.


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