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52% Malaysians expect telco breach in next 12 months: Unisys study

AvantiKumar | July 31, 2015
CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab urges organisations not to be complacent.

John Kendall Security Program Director, Unisys Asia PacificPhoto - John Kendall Security Program Director, Unisys Asia Pacific.


According to a new study from IT company Unisys, 52 percent of Malaysians surveyed expect a personal information data breach in the next 12 months at a telco.

Results from Unisys Security Insights survey were unveiled in Kuala Lumpur by Unisys Asia Pacific security program director, John Kendall, with additional insights from national security specialist agency CyberSecurity Malaysia's chief executive officer, Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab.

Unisys's Kendal said Malaysians pointed to telcos are the organisations more likely to suffer data breaches. There is moderate expectation of a data breach by government (with 46 percent of respondents expecting a breach within a year), healthcare providers (43 percent) and utilities (41 percent) such as a power or water supplier. However, only about one in three Malaysians expect a data breach at a retailer, bank or airline.

"The survey reveals which organisations the Malaysian public perceives to be most vulnerable," said Kendall. "Consumer trust must be earned and maintained. Telecommunications companies need to not only take preventative measures, but also make those measures visible to build and keep public confidence."

"Retailers, banks and airlines are the most trusted type of organisations. However, they will need to work to maintain this trust as they continue to capture more information about their customers in a bid to provide personalised services and offers. This is particularly true for airlines as they start to play a greater role assisting with border security measures," he said.

The Malaysian leg of Unisys Security Insights was conducted by Lieberman Research Group, which surveyed 503 adults during April and May 2015. Globally, the survey asked consumers in 12 countries about the likelihood that their personal data held by seven types of organisations (airlines, banking/finance, government, healthcare, retail, telecom, and utilities) would be accessed by an unauthorised person, accidently or deliberately, within the next year.

According to the study, Malaysians reported a lower expectation of breaches of their personal information than most of the 12 countries surveyed, with only the US and UK lower.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab said:  "While it appears that Malaysians trust organisations to protect their data, those organisations cannot afford to be complacent. Personal data is treasure to criminals, so consumers must make sure the organisations they deal with constantly update and improve measures to secure their data against malicious and accidental breaches."

Dr Amirudin also urges organisations to report any data breaches or other cyber security incidents to Cyber999, a help centre managed by CyberSecurity Malaysia. "The report will assist us to analyse the cyber security scenario and to come out with the necessary advisories in our effort to mitigate cyber security incidents in the country."


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