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5 unexpectedly useful apps

Liane Cassavoy | July 30, 2014
You probably didn't know you needed a color-coded goal manager or a dedicated email tracker. But once you try these apps, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.


iOS; free

Email is both incredibly useful and incredibly frustrating. You can spend tons of time composing the perfect message, but then you send it off into cyberspace with no idea when--or if--it will get read. Enter Mailtracker. This free iOS app works with your iPhone's built-in email client and notifies you when someone has read the message you've sent. It does so without requesting a read receipt from the recipient--something that can turn off many people--and supplies additional info, such as how long they looked at the message. Mailtracker isn't perfect, as it stumbled when I had multiple email accounts installed on my phone, and it only works on your iOS device. But it can be very useful at times.


iOS; 99 cents

Setting goals is easy. Meeting them--and tracking your progress along the way--is hard. But Full can help. This 99 cent iOS app lets you create monthly goals, both personal and professional, and set a total for the number of times you'd like to achieve them. Want to read three books? Meet with five new contacts? Run 50 miles? Add it to Full. Every time you accomplish one of the goals, you track your progress with a swipe. When you've reached the monthly goal, Full rewards you with a message of congratulations. Full features a neatly organized interface, with colors (red, yellow and green) that tell you how you're progressing at a quick glance. And while Full lacks a detailed memo field for tracking information about your goals, it does allow you to look back at previous months to see where things stood at a certain point in time.  


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