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5 things you'll love about Garmin's vivosmart Fitbit rival -- and 5 you won't

James A. Martin | Oct. 31, 2014
There's a lot to like about Garmin's vivosmart activity tracker and smartwatch, but it isn't perfect, and it's always wise to do your research before buying into a new 'fitness ecosystem.'

3) The vivosmart's battery is supposed to last seven days. Initially, the first unit I tested didn't last 24 hours. After several days of recharging it every night, however, the problem appeared to resolve itself, and I didn't experience the battery issue with a second unit Garmin sent me.

4) The optional heart-rate monitor chest strap is just as uncomfortable as every other heart-rate strap I've used.

5) The USB charger clip that comes with the device is too big, and the cable is too long.

Cons aside, if you're in the market for a wearable fitness tracker, the vivosmart is worth a close look. (Note: Even though vivosmart is a Garmin product, it lacks GPS).

Keep in mind that wearable activity trackers are long-term, 24/7 commitments. You need to wear them every day to get the full benefit. You'll start to build a history of activity stats that probably won't be easy to port to another device if you want to switch later. If you convince friends to buy into the "ecosystem," it's even harder to change trackers. So choose your activity tracker wisely.


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