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5 Safari plug-ins for a better browsing experience

Kirk McElhearn | Feb. 24, 2015
Eliminate ads, Flash animations, and other scourges of the Internet from view with these useful tools.

F. B. Purity has lots of settings, allowing you to not only turn on certain blockers, but also create a list of custom text filters. So, if you have friends who are constantly talking about a subject that doesn't interest you, like politics, sports, or religion, you can easily filter their posts.

I hate searching the iTunes Store in iTunes. It's slow, and the search interface is limited. Many times, when you go back to the previous page, it's not in the same view as it was when you left it. Good news: You can search all of Apple's stores using a search engine. Run a Google search like this: "artist album". This lets your browser do the work, but when you click on search results, they'll open in iTunes (not necessarily a good thing).

Unless you use the NoMoreiTunes extension. This blocks the redirect code that bounces Apple's store web pages to iTunes (or the Mac App Store or iBooks). In its place, you'll see a small button allowing you to open the page in iTunes if you want.

This makes it a lot easier to search Apple's stores, then go to their apps when you choose.

You probably know that you're tracked on almost every website you visit. The free Incognito "prevents Google, Twitter and Facebook from following you on the web." It doesn't block ads, but it prevents these sites from tracking you. When you search for, say, cat shampoo on Google, you won't see ads for cat shampoo on Facebook, or sponsored tweets from companies that make cat shampoo on Twitter. Incognito is more about protecting your privacy--it doesn't prevent anything from being displayed, but it keeps your browsing a bit more private.

With these five extensions, you'll be able to surf more easily, save yourself some annoyance, and cut down time downloading overloaded web pages. Try them out and see how they change your browsing experience.


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