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5 ridiculous things Apple is more likely to make than an Android phone

Susie Ochs | Feb. 10, 2014
Woz told Wired that Apple should release an Android phone. Woz, we love you, but that's crazypants

Backpacks and bags (sorry, Evernote)
At 2013's Evernote Conference, CEO Phil Libin spent part of his keynote telling the story of how the company insisted on designing the sign for its new building in-house. Only it didn't come out how they wanted, and in the end they took too much time doing something outside their wheelhouse when they should be focused on improving Evernote. Then minutes later he announced the rollout of Evernote-branded lifestyle products, created with partners, including backpacks, T-shirts, and "business socks."

Apple has a retail channel that can sell whatever third-party accessories fit its brand image—even exclusive items like this bag, so there's no reason for the company need to make its own. But even an Apple-branded black mockneck would be more likely than an Android phone. That'd be like making an Apple T-shirt with a Google logo on it. Or a pair of socks for your iPod. And that would be screwy.

A hoverboard
Forget self-driving cars. What about a skateboard that doesn't need wheels?! It's genius. Apple could start by purchasing Yuneec and adding Multi-Touch support to the remote control that lets you control the speed of its awesome E-Go Cruiser longboard. (You can also use an iOS device already—convenient!) Then just figure out how to take the wheels off...somehow. As long as doing so doesn't require Android.


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