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5 reasons why Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks isn't named after a big cat

David Price and Karen Haslam | June 12, 2013
Here are five reasons why Apple finally stopped with the cats and named Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

4 It's a symbol of a new era
Will Tim Cook ever escape Steve Jobs' shadow? Every major announcement and keynote speech is greeted by articles explaining how Steve would have done it differently, or how Apple wouldn't be moving in this direction with Steve at the helm.

Yet Apple's success under Cook has been phenomenal: it's less rock and roll and more quiet evolution, but the money has been rolling in and the products rolling out.

Apple isn't the same company it was when Mac OS X launched, and it doesn't hurt to make another small step to show that Apple has moved on.

5 It's a good time to be a proud American company
With the tax issues raised in the US, and the concerns over manufacturing conditions in the Far East, now is a good time for Apple to emphasise that it is proud to be American: the creeping perception that it builds its Mac overseas, brings them back to the US to sell them and then makes sure the profits are ultimately located elsewhere is damaging.

We've heard that a Mac will soon be built in the US; here's another small cosmetic nod to the quintessentially Californian company's roots.


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