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5 quick tips for taking better pictures with your smartphone

Al Sacco | Oct. 29, 2013
Everyone has a smartphone camera these days, but a relative few get the best photos possible from their devices.We share five quick tips to help you take better smartphone photos.

4) Filters are Your Friend - and Your Enemy
Chances are you're already familiar with Instagram and the whole photo-filter craze that's sweeping the smartphone world. Photo filters are great, and they can add character to your images - but they can also ruin them.

"Don't overcook it," Toothaker says.

In some cases, filters can make a decent image look better or more interesting. But filters won't make a good image great. Great images are about composition and timing, light and mood, and they often tell a story. Filters on their own don't do these things, and too many filters or effects just make images look fake or "overcooked."

You're better off spending time with a photo editing app than you are with a straight filter app, in most cases. Many editing apps also have filters and effects features anyway.

Filters do not a great photo make. Don't get carried away. Just because you can add endless filters, effects and boarders doesn't mean you should.

5) Clean Your Lens!
It's common sense that a clean, clear lens is going to take better images than a dirty one. Many people neglect to clean their phone lenses unless they see noticeable dirt or grit, though. Because we carry our phones in our pockets, bags or purses, the camera lenses frequently collect dust and other debris. Even if you don't see smudges, they could be affecting your camera images.

It's a good idea - and good camera hygiene - to regularly wipe your smartphone camera lens with a soft, clean cloth or a damn lens or screen wipe.


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