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5 mobile apps that will find you a place to work

Ryan Faas | Aug. 20, 2014
The coworking movement is finally spreading beyond major cities. These five apps help you find, book, and access worskpaces like a local wherever you are.

Desks Near Me

Desks Near Me is another solid option. Although not as polished as LiquidSpace, I found it generally easy to search by both current location and address, view options, and request reservations. It also lets you email questions to the owner/administrator of each space. Descriptions were generally accurate and search options for data/time and amenities are available. A list of recently browsed or reserved spaces made it easy to compare options as well as to rebook a space you used previously.

There was one promised feature of Desks Near Me I found really intriguing: It's supposed to integrate with your social networks and let you read feedback from contacts who have used a particular space in the past. Despite multiple attempts, however, I was unable to link the app to my accounts on the three networks that it supports — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Search results were a bit modest. It delivered only a single result for my immediate area and listed fewer spaces than I expected in larger cities like Boston, New York, and Washington. The results that it did deliver, however, were generally a diverse set of options.

Desks Near Me can also be accessed via the web.

Carr Workplaces

Carr Workplaces takes a different approach to shared workspaces. The company, which operates office spaces of various types in major cities across nine states and Washington D.C., offers a subscription package that allows users to access desks or spaces within each of its locations. The effect is somewhat like a coworking or shared workspace chain. If you live in its service areas or travel to them frequently, Carr Workplaces are an option worth considering.

Carr Workplaces is also available for Android and via the web.


TouchDownSpace felt like a work in progress. The app itself was sluggish and had very limited search criteria compared to the other apps. The design, however, was very efficient and it made it very easy to move from viewing a list of spaces to reserving one. Like Desks Near Me, it offers a helpful history feature. Unlike Desks Near Me, it only records spaces that you've actually book rather than those that you've simply looked at.

What I found strange is that using the TouchdownSpaces web site often returned additional spaces not listed in its app. As a result your best bet here may be to use the service's site as well as the app. Or, just stick with one of the other apps in this review.


I couldn't really evaluate DeskTime's iOS app for this article. Any attempt to sign in to the app on iPhone failed — I wasn't able to use an account that I created and used perfectly well on the web site, and I wasn't able to use my Facebook or Twitter accounts, which the app claims to support. Similar experiences are voiced in the only two reviews in the iOS App Store. Given that the last update to the app was nearly a year ago (October 22, 2013), it's hard to imagine the problem will be resolved soon.


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