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5 iPad apps for making the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Nov. 27, 2014
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be daunting. Not only must you prepare tons of food--some of it you've rarely cooked before--you've also got to make sure that it's all ready to hit the table at the same time. And you've got to keep all those plates spinning under the watchful eye of family members ready to remind you of every overcooked turkey breast, lumpy gravy, or overheated green bean casserole at every future get-together.

BigOven's app works in tandem with BigOven's website; you'll need to create a free account in order to save menus, sync grocery lists, and add recipes to your favorites list. You can also upgrade to a Pro account for $2/month or $20/year for access to additional features, like a monthly menu planner, recipe nutrition info, and 25 free recipe scans.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Epicurious (free) is another free recipe and grocery list app with thousands of recipes in its database. This app has a seasonally-changing sidebar of featured recipes, so right now you'll find plenty of recipes for turkey, gravy, stuffing, green beans, and other Thanksgiving-themed dishes.

Epicurious doesn't have as many features as does BigOven does — a menu planner is MIA, for instance — but it's also simpler and more straight-forward. Recipes you find on Epicurious can be favorited, added to your grocery list, and emailed or shared on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks. The app presents recipes in a simple format, with an ingredient list on the left side of the screen and instructions on the right. There aren't as many pictures as there are in other tablet recipe books, so you'll have to have a general idea of what you're doing in the kitchen.

Epicurious does have a nice feature — voice control, so you don't have to touch your iPad with sticky fingers.

KitchenPad Timer

You probably already have a timer (or two) in your kitchen, whether it's one built into your oven or just a generic egg timer. But it's likely that your timer supply won't live up to the demands of Thanksgiving Day, when you'll probably be cooking up multiple dishes at once, each of which requiring its own timer.

Enter KitchenPad Timer ($2). This universal iOS app is perfect for cooking multiple dishes since it allows you to time up to nine dishes simultaneously. You can customize each time: just name the dish, choose the flame height or oven temperature (there are five burner timers and four oven timers), and pick a ringtone for the alarm. You can also save timer presets to your favorites list, which is a great feature if you happen to be making multiple servings of the same dish.

Time to Roast

Roasting a turkey is not rocket science — heck, it's not even high school physics. That said, if you've never done it before, the process can be a bit intimidating.

Time to Roast ($2) is an app that's all about roasting. And that means roasting anything and everything — turkey, beef, duck, pork, chicken, you name it. This app is perfect for the amateur turkey-maker and is also useful for veteran turkey-makers whose minds are otherwise occupied in the kitchen.


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