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5 Incredible Applications of IoT in Asia Today

Richard Pain | Oct. 31, 2017
To demonstrate not only what is possible, but has already been implemented, here is a selection of five of the most incredible applications of IoT today


4) Working in collaboration with the ITOCHU Corporation and NTT Facilities, NTT Com installed a smart streetlight network at a large industrial complex in Indonesia. In this project, LED streetlights were connected to a mobile network and power line monitoring system to allow a NTT Com datacentre to precisely control lighting as required at dusk, night and dawn, thereby helping to cut power consumption, decreasing operating costs and the facility's environmental footprint.


5) NTT Com developed a new wearable sensing fabric called 'hitoe' to collect reliable bioelectric information. By continuously monitoring electrocardiogram waveforms and transmitting this information to a smartphone, the technology can calculate heart rate, mental fatigue and how tense or relaxed the wearer is. This has duel benefits of not only decreasing accidents by understanding the condition of the driver and the vehicle in real-time, but also increases operational efficiency by advising the driver to avoid road congestion.


One of the leading experts in the field of IoT is Taku Morinobu, Director of IoT at NTT Com. When asked to comment on the factors that lead to successful IoT implementations, he advised: "Bringing business ideas starting from prototype to reality is the key to having a successful IoT project, because fast proof of concept making, fast testing and fast confirmation is the key to lean development."

Keeping with that theme, one the key features that made these aforementioned projects successful is NTT Com's IoT Platform. This provides customers with a secure, global and managed trinity of services, which specifically enables rapid proof of concepts and allows clients to quickly begin making strategic decisions to transform their organisations using IoT.

A more recent addition to NTT Com's offerings is its IoT Platform of Things Cloud, which was launched on 6th April 2017. This enables the functions and processes necessary for leveraging IoT such as data collection, visualization, analysis and management.

Specifically, it allows new IoT devices to be connected easily, creating a highly scalable environment, whilst also helping intuitively visualise data and link devices to internal and external system using a variety of APIs. Thanks to these features and others, NTT Com received The Connected Asia Award for its IoT Platform at the Asia Communication Awards (ACA) in May 2017.

Opportunities to leverage the potential of IoT exist across all industry sectors with surely the most innovative applications yet to come. "Looking to the future of IoT, we expect more devices and things to be transformed into servitaztion products with the IoT, shifting the economy from things to services," explained Morinobu. "We also expect more and more data trading and distribution between industries, which would lead to more value of the data itself, as well as the things that produced that data."


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