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5 areas of IT that are on the rise

Byron Connolly | June 15, 2015
Service brokers, SaaS, IDaaS, ArcOps, and the ‘sharing economy' are the future, says Vito Forte.

Australia Post's biggest challenge is trying to work out who is going to 'do an Uber' on them. That's what they are petrified about. They haven't worked it out yet."

He questioned why Australia Post has its own delivery trucks or why it can't join forces with supermarket giants to deliver to customers.

He cited a partnership between Audi, DHL and Amazon as an example of an innovation in this sharing economy. Amazon is [[[xref:|testing a postal service that will see DHL staff deliver parcels to customers' cars.

"Audi will give Amazon access to your boot of your car for a short period of time for them to deliver your parcel," Forte said. "This costs Amazon nothing."

Google is just about to start its autonomous car trials in California, said Forte.

"That's about vehicle-to-vehicle communications, cars are talking to each other now," he said. "What people don't realise is that they are talking to each other in terms of positioning, velocity and other aspects of the driving experience.

"But if those networks are in place and you've got a connected mesh of things with CPU and processing power, what else can you do? Can they carry other data? Can they take data off sensors in the road and transmit it to a Department of Transport? Can they take data off trains and allow it to be transmitted somewhere else?

"It's that sort of stuff that starts to come out when these sorts of things start to happen," he said.


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