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5 areas of IT that are on the rise

Byron Connolly | June 15, 2015
Service brokers, SaaS, IDaaS, ArcOps, and the ‘sharing economy' are the future, says Vito Forte.

Earlier this month, we listed the 5 areas of technology that former Fortescue Metals CIO, Vito Forte, believes will soon disappear.

Forte also discussed the 5 areas of IT that are on the rise — growth areas that technology chiefs need to think about — at last month's CIO Summit in Perth.

They are:

1. The rise of the service broker

Use your knowledge and experience to bring the right things to the right people, said Forte.

"You are fundamentally becoming a broker of capability — you don't need to build and run [systems] anymore," he told attendees.

"You need to deliver and service. So that means what you are doing is relying on others to do that sort of thing and making sure that they actually create and add the value that you and your organisation really needs," he said.

Forte said a CIO's value proposition is his or her understanding of what the business is about and mapping their knowledge and experience to the capability.

"Is it going to be perfect? Does it need to be perfect? No, because it's going to change again. So what you need to be is adaptable and flexible — this is where your value is because aren't you in this industry to be a change agent?" he asked.

2. The rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is a means to an end, it's not where the future is and is a way for people to understand the 'as-a-service' mentality," claimed Forte.

The SaaS market — which will be worth $142 billion globally by 2020 — is where it's at, he said. This compares to a $5 billion IaaS market and $4 billion platform-as-a-service market, according to research by Forrester.

"Are you taking advantage of this? Why maintain legacy [systems]?" he asked.

Forte believes organisations are still focusing on the 98 per cent and forgetting the 2 per cent where value is added. Moving to SaaS infrastructure enables IT teams to focus on high value tasks, he said.

"We believe all organisations are different — that they fundamentally process things differently because that's where their value lies. No it doesn't," he said.

3. The rise of identity-as-a-service (IDaaS)

Forte pointed to new service offerings that allow companies in industries that deal with very confidential information to encrypt all data right down to end point devices.

"These are services that are now appearing for different types of industries. So the rate of change in this space is going to grow exponentially as we see the embedding of security in applications and capability rather than it being this thing that sits on the side that we then have to try and integrate," said Forte.


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