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4 Web technologies that shine in iOS 8

Marco Tabini | June 17, 2014
While pundits have been spending the last few years debating whether native apps are superior to their Web counterparts, Apple has been quietly making improvements to the mobile version of Safari, adding features, increasing performance, and generally ensuring that its devices can deliver a browsing environment that is as close as possible to what is available on the desktop.

Speaking of Continuity, Safari and HTML will also be able to participate in other technologies, like Handoff, which allow users to effortlessly juggle data and documents between Web-based and native software, taking advantage of the strengths of each as appropriate.

So much for native

These improvements, coupled with smaller items like support for advanced CSS directives, prove that Apple is as serious as ever when it comes to providing iOS users with a superior Web platform, and that the company sees technologies like HTML as valuable companions to its native frameworks, rather than competitors to it.

It's also worth noting that a number of the enhancements I listed above, like WebGL and video playback, are based on standards that are openly available on other platforms — including Windows and Android — which makes it easier than ever for Web developers to build apps that work across a wide range of devices.

Ultimately, this should translate into broader integration between Web content and native apps on iOS, bringing us all the kind of rich user experience we've come to expect from Apple's mobile devices.


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