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3 smart tablets for business pros on the go

John Brandon | Jan. 10, 2014
You'd be hard pressed these days to find a worker who doesn't think a tablet would boost his productivity and mobility. Here's a quick look at popular 10-inch iOS, Android and Windows tablets and why they will appeal to employees as well as IT managers.

The main reason to pick this tablet is if you have standardized on a Microsoft ecosystem. Pre-installed Microsoft Office apps, including Word and Excel, run in the Metro interface, as does Internet Explorer, the browser that works best for enterprise apps designed for IE. For companies using Windows 8 on servers and computers, the tablet fits in perfectly.

App selection is abysmal, however. You won't find tablet apps such as Freshbooks or HootSuite. If you buy a smartwatch for work, like the Pebble, you won't find a related app. When a new app debuts — such as Bitpay, which lets you scan Bitcoin QR codes — there isn't a Windows RT version. In fact, the Windows RT store is mostly filled with second-rate games and fluff.

The Lumia 2015 costs $499 if you don't sign up for 4G service. On a two-year contract, the Lumia 2025 costs $399 for the 32GB version, or about half the storage of the top-of-the-line iPad and HDX models. Overall, it's a solid Windows tablet with a bright screen, but it's woefully short on apps.


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