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27 new iOS 7 features Apple didn't talk about

Serenity Caldwell | June 11, 2013
They may not have been trumpeted during Apple's keynote, but here are 27 iOS 7 features lurking in the background of the company's presentation that you may have missed.

Long MMS support: There's not much information on Long MMS on the Web, but after a quick chat with Macworld editors, Senior Editor Dan Moren postulates it might mean that traditional SMS messages might have a longer character count before being sent as MMS messages.

PDF annotations: According to the More Features slide, you may be able to display annotations to your PDFs by default. In what application, though? iBooks is my best guess, as it's currently iOS's default PDF reader. This might also bring with it PDF annotation tools, but we'll have to wait and see.

Chat options: According to Apple's website, the Contacts app will display the services you can use to chat with your friends next to their contact cards. Have a friend with an iMessage-enabled email address? You'll see icons for both iMessage and email next to that address.

The Contacts app now displays all the ways you can chat with your friends.

Call blocking: Someone's repeatedly calling or messaging you that you'd rather not talk to? iOS 7 will have support for blocking those pesky email addresses and phone numbers.

Do not track: Safari on OS X has had a Do Not Track optionfor awhile, which prevents advertisers from tracking you as you browse the web. In iOS 7, it looks like mobile Safari will gain that same feature.

Photos and video improvements
What's new in the Photos and Camera app beyond what Apple previewed? A few cool features, actually.

No more Faces and Places: The era of face-tagging and photo-maps is over, at least for iOS. The Faces and Places tabs are no more on iOS, replaced instead with Moments and Collections. Both of these still seem to be focused around location; unfortunately for those who loved tracking people, it doesn't look like Faces will have a prominent place in iOS for the future.

Goodbye, Faces and Places: It's all Moments and Collections, now.

True photo-sharing: Shared Photo Streams has always been a little one-sided: You could send photos to your friends, and they could send photos to you, but you'd each have to make a separate stream for the process. No longer: Streams can now be collaborative instead of just read-only, and they can have video, too. This is a feature I've been clamoring for since Shared Photo Stream's release last year, and am glad to see being implemented in iOS 7.

60fps video: If you love shooting high frame-rate video, you'll love Apple's new camera app, which purportedly shoots video at 60 frames per second. (Will there also be a 24fps and a 30fps setting? We'll see in the fall.)


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