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24 hours of Windows Phone: The app gap is killing me

Matt Weinberger | Aug. 22, 2014
Third-party stopgaps won't cut it.

There are third-party apps that claim to scratch the same itches, with unofficial Gmail clients abounding, but these are generally pretty bad and really help the general feeling that owning a Windows Phone is like slapping a rocket engine onto a merry-go-round: Going nowhere, really fast. 

I only highlight this problem specifically because it brings up an important, and often overlooked, element of BYOD. If you're an IT manager running an all-Windows shop, Windows Phone's deep and frankly very nifty hooks into the Microsoft ecosystem may make it a compelling investment for your users. But as far as making it a phone or tablet that your users will actually want to use all the time, every day, as part of their lives? That part is severely, severely lacking. 

This is a market share problem. The fewer people who understand how cool Windows Phone actually is, the fewer people buy the phones, meaning the fewer mobile developers even bother taking the time to port their apps over. Until they either sell a lot more phones, or the One Windows initiative comes to fruition with a lot more cross-platform pollination of apps, Windows Phone is doomed to be the best phone platform that nobody will want to use.  


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