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18 ways to get the most out of Android 5.0

JR Raphael | Feb. 10, 2015
Got Lollipop? Then these tips and tricks will help you handle Android 5.0 like a pro.

Tip No. 17: Bring back silent mode
A traditional silent mode is mysteriously missing in Android 5.0 -- so what to do when you need your phone to stay quiet? You have two main options, neither of which is exactly intuitive: First, you can press your volume-up or volume-down key and select None from the box that appears on screen. That'll keep all sounds from coming out of your device -- but it'll put the kibosh even on alarms, which typically still sound in a traditional silent setting.

The other option, if you don't want to silence your alarms as well, is to use the Priority mode described in Tip No. 10 and configure it so that no notifications are allowed through. Alarms are an exception that are always permitted in that mode, so if you disable everything else, you'll be good to go.

Tip No. 18: Hang up in style
Save yourself a few steps the next time you're ready to end a call: Open up your phone's system settings and select Accessibility. Tap and activate the option labeled "Power button ends call." Now, when you want to hang up on someone, all you have to do is press your phone's power button -- no futzing with the screen or searching for the right icon.

Saying so long has never been so easy.


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