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18 ways to get the most out of Android 5.0

JR Raphael | Feb. 10, 2015
Got Lollipop? Then these tips and tricks will help you handle Android 5.0 like a pro.

Tip No. 9: Override Smart Lock
Don't fret: You can still secure your device when Smart Lock is enabled. Think of it as a manual override option: Anytime Smart Lock is activated, tap and hold the padlock icon at the bottom of your phone or tablet's lock screen. After about a second, you'll see an alert informing you that the device has been locked and will require your security code for the next entry.

Tip No. 10: Cut down the notification noise
Notifications can help you stay on top of everything that's important to you, but with nearly every app nagging for attention, keeping on top of which notifications you want to receive can be a chore.

If you're getting pestered by a notification you'd rather not receive, tap the notification and hold your finger down for about a second. Android will show you exactly what app created the notification and give you a link to the app's information page, where you can blacklist it from creating additional alerts.

Tip No. 11: Prioritize notifications
Another way to see only important notifications and keep the rest away is to make use of Lollipop's new Priority notification mode. To activate it, press your device's volume-up or volume-down button and tap Priority on the box that appears. You can then select to leave Priority mode enabled indefinitely or to specify a limited amount of time for which it'll remain active.

While you're there, tap the gear icon next to the words "Priority notifications only" to make sure you're set up the way you like. You'll be able to control exactly what types of notifications are considered "priority" -- events and reminders, any calls and messages, or only calls and messages from specific approved contacts. You can also set regular recurring times for Priority mode to be activated -- if, for instance, you always want it to turn on during the overnight hours to prevent less-pressing alerts from sounding.

Tip No. 12: Keep notifications discreet
Lollipop puts your pending notifications right on the lock screen, which can be handy -- but can raise pesky privacy issues, particularly for security-sensitive business users. Take control of the situation by going into the Sound & Notification section of your device's system settings and tapping the option labeled "When device is locked." There, you can choose whether the lock screen shows all notifications, no notifications, or only notifications that aren't considered sensitive.

To mark an app's notifications as sensitive, tap App Notifications in that same Sound & Notification section and select the app from the list. From here you can set its notifications to "sensitive" and block it from showing any notifications or whitelist it to always show its alerts when you're in Priority mode (see Tip No. 11).


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