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15 strangest smartphone deaths: gadget disasters involving microwaves, wasps, shotguns and cleavage

Jim Martin | July 29, 2014
Insurers reveal amusing claims for damaged smartphones.

One hapless customer managed to destroy his iPhone's screen after owning the handset for just six days: "Iwent to see Tottenham play at White Hart Lane. Gareth Bale scored and I jumped up to celebrate whilst grabbing my phone to text my wife, dropped it and smashed the screen."

Pets (again) are a threat to your smartphone's health. One Worth Avenue Group customer made a claim which started with an iPhone and a cat sitting peacefully on a table. The iPhone was in silent mode. When the iPhone received a message, it began vibrating. The surprised cat swatted at the iPhone, sending it flying across the room and shattering the screen.

15 strangest smartphone deaths: total annihilation

Not everyone claims for a damaged smartphone, with plenty of people - 16 percent according to Protect Your Bubble's data - making do with a cracked screen or a scratched or dented device.

Sometimes, though, there's no option but to get a new phone, as was the case for these unfortunate customers:

"My grandson thought it was not right for my phone to be left out on a cold day on the kitchen tableso he put it in the microwave to warm it up. He set the microwave on full power for an hour but it blew up long before that, along with my Samsung Galaxy."

"My little brother took my mobile phone and destroyed it with a hammer."

One particularly careless owner put their phone on their car's roof and absent-mindedly drove off. That's happened to the best of us, but she went one better: she realised what had happened when she heard it hit the road, tried to turn the car around and promptly drove over it. Game over, iPhone.

Yet another clumsy customer was taking photos during a hot air balloon ride when they lost their grip and dropped their smartphone over the edge of the basket. Needless to say, it wasn't a happy ending for the phone.

Returning to the dangers of pets: "Ileft my mobile on an armchair. When I returned my mother's dog had decided that he liked the taste and had eaten nearly all of it."

Finally, you should always put your phone on silent when it would otherwise be a distraction. The consequences of failing to do this can be catastrophic as another customer discovered: "I was out shooting one day when my mobile phone rang. The gamekeeper confiscated it, threw it into the air and gave it both barrels of a 12 bore shotgun!"


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