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13 wearable tech trends to watch in 2016

James A. Martin | Jan. 4, 2016
Will Fitbit continue to dominate the activity tracker market in 2016? Will consumers pay for insights based on data their activity trackers collect? Just how secure is that information? Wearable technology experts answer these questions and offer other predictions for the coming year.

12) Traditional watch makers will add 'smart' elements

In 2015, a new category of watch known as "connected timepieces," began to proliferate. These gadgets are traditional watches with some technology added, such as the ability to receive notifications from a smartphone and track steps. Current examples include the Timex Metropolitan+ ($125 and up) and Guess Connect (about $400). In 2016, additional watch makers will release hybrid devices, according to Henderek.

13) Future wearables will be less … wearable

It may take more than the duration of 2016, but eventually wearable technologies will give way to implanted tech, according Liz Dickinson, CEO of wearable maker Mio Global. Today's wearables "are a transitional technology, with the ultimate end-goal being complete integration and implantation with and in the human body," she says. "In the future, we'll become ever more connected, and our environment will adjust to our physiological, emotional and physical needs automatically through a new type of system that's embedded in our bodies."


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