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10 tips for creating a successful Google AdWords campaign

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | June 4, 2014
You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. Google AdWords users and experts share hands-on advice on how you can improve the ROI on your AdWords campaigns.

5. Target your ads. "Implement all three types of keyword targeting — exact match, phrase match, broad match — into your targeting strategy," advises Mirkin. "Bid the most for exact match keywords and the least for broad match keywords." She also suggests you "separate ad groups by keyword type, in addition to category, to keep the campaign well-organized."

To further help you reach your intended audience, use " Google's targeting criteria," says Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO of PostcardMania, postcard marketing experts. For example, you can use geo-targeting to have your ads run in a particular geographic area.

"You can also target ads according to type of website (health and wellness, automobiles, etc.). And you can target prospects by certain Web behavior, like often visited websites that are relevant to your business," she explains. "You can also choose to place your ad on a particular website and keep it there, if you desire."

6. Don't ignore mobile users. "Ensure that you are using mobile-preferred ads within your enhanced campaigns," says Shelly Cihan, digital marketing manager, Adworkshop, a digital marketing agency. "This allows for customized message and mobile specific calls-to-action (CTAs) that will speak directly to your mobile users," she explains. "Coupling this with a mobile-optimized landing page will result in higher conversion rates and a positive user experience."

7. Always be testing. "Once you identify your AdWords campaign goal/action, plan various tests to try to maximize your outcome," says Ortner. "These tests [should] span the entire funnel, beginning with identification of keywords to bid on and which ad copy to use, to the design of the landing page and any follow-on email marketing campaigns," he says. "But only run one test at a time. If you change your landing page design and add 20 new keywords to your campaign at the same time, you won't know which change made a bigger impact."

"Test, test and then test again," says Talpau. "You can only guess what might work best, as it's impossible to predict exactly what your targeted market will consider as being most appealing and trustworthy," she says. And "sometimes one single word can make all the difference."

To get the best results, Talpau says, "create variations of your ads and monitor which gets the best click through rate, the lowest cost per click, the highest number of conversions, etc." Once you know what works, keep only those ads that are performing well — and start the process over again.

8. Implement conversion tracking. "Being able to see what keywords are triggering a sale or a lead is huge in bid management and optimizing the account to increase ROI," says Jason Otter, senior SEM manager, PCG Digital Marketing.


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