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10 smartphone apps that can help track your expenses

Isabel Eva Bohrer and JR Raphael | Sept. 28, 2012
Hate having to record your expenditures for the IRS or your company's accounting department? These iPhone and Android apps can make it easier to track your expenses.

Expenditure provides a simple and intuitive interface for recording both expenses and income. Adding a new transaction is fast and easy: Enter the amount and select whether it is an expense (red button) or income (green button). If your transaction takes place in a different currency, the app can convert it for you, a feature that is particularly useful for business travelers.

ExpenditureClick to view larger image.

On the next screen, you can add further details, including categories (the defaults include Electronics, Travel and Gifts, among others), the date (automatically set to today, but you can modify it if you wish) and whether it is a repeating transaction; you can also add a photo or a note. There is no receipt scanner, but the app makes the process of entering a transaction so quick and easy that I found just adding a photo sufficed.

Transaction details are then shown on what looks like a paper receipt roll. Deleting a transaction has a fun aspect to it -- you pull down on the screen as if pulling the paper off a receipt roll. The app then asks you if you want to delete the transaction.

The home screen always displays your remaining funds; if you want, you can sort transactions by most expensive categories, most expensive months and recent transactions. You can also attach selected transactions to an email in CSV format via the Settings button.

In short, Expenditure is a fast, simple and useful app that tracks both income and expenses. Its intuitive interface is ideal for individual users.

--Isabel Eva Bohrer

Expense Manager

Free (ad-supported); $4.99 for Pro version (ad-free) OS reviewed: Android Other OSes: None

Expense Manager aims to make mobile expense management easy while still providing advanced features.

Expense ManagerClick to view larger image.

The app has large, clear buttons for adding new expenses or incomes on its main menu. When you add an expense, Expense Manager gives you fields in which you fill in data such as the amount, payee and payment category. The program provides you with a list of commonly used vendors and category terms that you can select with a couple of taps (you can add your own quick-select items into the lists as well).

Expense Manager has an "auto fill" feature with which you can create prepopulated templates for commonly used expenses. You can create repeating transactions, too, if you have a regularly recurring expense that you'd like to automate.

It has plenty of other bells and whistles, like multiple account support, photo-storing capabilities, and a series of home screen widgets ranging from 1 x 1 to 4 x 3 in size.


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