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10 must-have Chromecast apps for streaming digital movies, video, and music

Derek Walter | Dec. 23, 2014
Google's Chromecast is the perfect gadget to have if you're looking for the simplest way to stream movies, TV shows, YouTube (and other web videos), and music from your mobile device to a TV. Just plug the Chromecast into one of your TV's HDMI inputs, download the official app, and start streaming.

Pluto TV

This one's for the cord cutters. Pluto TV is essentially a free TV service. While it doesn't come with support from any of the major network channels, it does have some surprisingly good content, including CBS News, the Associated Press, and many different music video and comedy channel offerings. When you sign up, let the app know what types of video you're interested in, and Pluto will build a custom guide tailored to your interests.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music may not be as popular as Spotify or Pandora, but it works extremely well with Chromecast. Cast the music from your account to the TV, or use your All Access paid subscription to listen to anything in Google's catalog.

This is a great service for gatherings where you want to control the playlist, as all you need is your phone to cycle through the tracks. It's even better with YouTube Music Key, as it alerts you to any music videos associated with the song you're listening to.


Vevo has become the king of music videos, with most top artists hosting their new recordings on the site. Search for your favorite artist or browse through the suggestions, which typically highlight what's popular. You get more options, such as bundling your preferred musicians or genres, if you sign up for an account.

Watch ESPN

The sports broadcasting behemoth turns your Android device into a virtual ESPN. Watch ESPN has Sportscenter videos, highlight reels, and live events.You do, however, need to have a cable or satellite subscription in order to watch content. So for it's not for cord cutters now, but it adds some nice flexibility in being able to watch your sports programming on a TV that's not connected to your pay-TV service.

Google Play Movies & TV

Google has put a lot of effort into its movie and TV platform, as you can find just about anything from the major studios or television networks. Google has also been known to give away movies; most recently, Gravity and The Lord of the Rings. Once a movie is in your account, you can watch it anywhere at any time. 

And since Goolge Play Movies & TV is a cross-platform service, you can watch your purchased content on an Apple TV or any web browser. With the Chrome and Android apps, you can also save your videos for offline viewing.

That's a wrap 

We've named our 10 farvorite Chromecast apps here, but you'll find plenty more in the Google Play Store. What do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section, below.


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