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10 mobile marketing tips for small businesses

Vangie Beal | Oct. 30, 2013
Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to connect to businesses of all shapes and sizes. From optimizing your website to capturing holiday sales on mobile devices, these tips will help improve your mobile marketing strategy.

8. Don't Silo Mobile Marketing
Identify the client's underlying business goals as they relate to mobile, as opposed to solely focusing on their mobile goals, Amobee's Strecker says. "Mobile needs to be a meaningful part of a brand's marketing strategy, not just a series of campaigns."

Understand mobile's place. It's important to understand where in the mobile funnel a brand sits - and where it eventually wants to be. "Brands need to continue to build awareness and differentiation amongst competitors while driving direct sales activities across devices," he says.

9. Optimize From the Ground Up; Make It Live Off the Device
Mobile isn't an extension of desktop, Strecker says; your mobile campaigns must be created from the ground up to optimize for mobile to be most effective. From creative to targeting to measurement, mobile campaigns need to take full advantage of the medium to get the best results. If executed correctly, targeted mobile advertising provides brands with the ability to measure precise brand engagements, behavioral analytics and app rank.

Make your mobile strategy live off of the device, too. Doing mobile is more than just delivering ads on another screen - it's a medium and tool for interaction that has the ability to take and share pictures, scan QR codes, augment reality, track location and even listen to music and television. Strecker says a brand can be the gateway for all these types of interactions.

10. To Succeed, You Must Test, Test and Test Some More
Egencia's Shearer says it's best that you constantly test, because the content, design and functionality that works great for desktop visitors may not always be as effective for visitors on tablets or smartphones.

"You need to create an excellent experience for these users, often on the go, looking for succinct information that's quickly and easily digestible on a smaller screen," he says. "Test different versions of your webpages to determine if a different color palette, headline or call to action works better for mobile users."

When testing, it's important to isolate one variable to test at a time. Your tests could include the color palette, the words in your headline, the placement of your forms or different images. "Big changes to the design and content of your pages can be beneficial to attracting and converting mobile users, but you may also find that the smaller, simple tweaks to your pages can have a big effect as well," Shearer says.


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