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10 mobile marketing tips for small businesses

Vangie Beal | Oct. 30, 2013
Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to connect to businesses of all shapes and sizes. From optimizing your website to capturing holiday sales on mobile devices, these tips will help improve your mobile marketing strategy.

4. Target New Device Owners for Holiday Marketing
Strecker recommends that you take advantage of the tremendous number of new devices in the market after the holiday season. "Targeting new Google Play or iOS registrations to specifically reach new device owners is effective. We've worked with many brands that feature messaging targeted directly to the new device owner," he says.

Such offers can include a free app download for a new iPhone, holiday deals for your new smartphone or 20 percent off the first purchase made using a new iPad. As a general holiday marketing rule, Strecker recommends you give audiences a sense of urgency and include a time-limited offer.

5. Keep Your Mobile Site Simple, Easy to Navigate

Mobile users are best targeted with simple apps and calls to action that are easy to navigate. "If your mobile marketing efforts direct users to an app, keep the app simple," says Matthew David, chief digital strategist of Compuware's Mobile Solutions Group, adding that the most functional apps, such as Instagram, are task-driven and straightforward. "Not only can simple apps be built quicker, they are easier to navigate ... [and] load faster. If your content takes more than three seconds to download, you increase the risk of losing your potential customer."

Strecker reminds mobile marketers to make sure creative assets are mobile-friendly. "A few simple additions can engage users," he says. "Always include mobile-friendly calls to action, such as 'Tap to Explore' and 'Download Now.' If the call to action is 'Tap to Download,' include the Apple Store icon or Google Play icon in the mobile ad."

6. Be (Extra) Smart With Text Message Marketing
Barber says any text message sent to a mobile shopper must offer something worthy of the very personal interruption. Research by shows that mobile subscribers respond best to specials that are limited-quantity (Only 10 left!) or limited-time (48 hours only!), as well as those that offer exclusive information (We've just launched a new product!) and helpful tips about how to use a product (Watch this helpful video).

Be "very careful" with the frequency of your text messages, Barber adds. Start by sending twice a month; monitor click-through and unsubscribe rates to decide if you should increase to weekly. Smart mobile marketers provide a sign-up category called Weekly or Daily Specials, which allows the consumer to decide how often they want to get contacted. Lastly, don't be afraid to survey mobile subscribers periodically and ask what they'd like to receive, he says. "You'll be surprised how forthcoming they will be with feedback."

7. Take Advantage of Mobile Social Media
Don't discount social media in your mobile marketing strategy, says Compuware's David. "Today, more than two-thirds of Facebook users access the service via mobile at least some of the time, and more than one in six people exclusively use mobile phones to access Facebook." Boost your mobile marketing strategy by complementing it with the real-time aspect of social media, he says.


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