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10 IFTTT recipes to make you more productive at work

Robert Strohmeyer | Jan. 17, 2014
IFTTT (If This, Then That) lets you build automated processes to help manage your digital life. These ready-to-use recipes will save you time instantly.

Send Gmail attachments to Dropbox
Channels used: Gmail, Dropbox

Tired of searching through Gmail for an email message that has an attachment you need? With this recipe, all your incoming attachments will be automatically sent to a Dropbox folder for easy retrieval. Not a Dropbox user? You can easily create your own version of this recipe to use Box or Google Drive instead.

Create to-do reminders via email
Channels used: Email, iOS Reminders

Sometimes the hardest part of remembering to do something is taking a moment to create the reminder. This recipe lets you create a to-do in your iOS Reminders app by sending an email tagged #todo to IFTTT's trigger address. If you wanted to, you could create an alternative version that uses Toodledo.

Track your time automatically
Channels used: iOS Location, Google Drive

IFTTT can get fairly sophisticated when dealing with location-based triggers. This recipe will automatically add an entry into a Google spreadsheet every time you arrive at or leave your office. It's a virtually effortless way to track your hours. To use it, you'll have to search for your office's location in the location menu, and then configure the names of the folder and timesheet that the recipe will create. You can customize the formatting of the entry, too.

Auto-share posts from your company's Facebook page
Channels used: Facebook Pages, Facebook

Keeping up with social media can be an unwelcome hassle when you're swamped with work, but it's an important task at many businesses. This handy recipe will watch for new posts on your company's page and automatically share them on your personal wall. You can personalize the link formatting and message to make the posts more appealing to your circle of friends.

Track mileage via text message
Channels used: SMS, Google Drive

I'm always forgetting to track my mileage and having to figure it out from memory at the end of the month. This recipe helps me track mileage on the fly, by sending a text message tagged #miles with the number of miles I want to add. The entries appear on separate lines of a Google spreadsheet, so they're easy to add up at the end of the month in just a few clicks.

Alert colleagues when your plane lands
Channels used: iOS Location, Gmail

If you're connecting with colleagues or clients on a business trip, it can be helpful to let them know when your plane gets in. This recipe waits for your phone to turn on at your destination and emails up to five people to let them know your plane has landed. (Just be sure to turn it off after the flight, or the same five people will get notifications every time you land at that airport in the future.)


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