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What SDN is and where it’s going

Brandon Butler | July 20, 2017
The SDN market has emerged from early adopter to early mainstream, and in doing so its use cases have expanded.

Microsegmentation - Increasingly SDN deployments are being used not just to implement software-based security products, but also to implement microsegmentation. In this use case, a customer can split up a network connection between an end user and the data center, and have different security settings on the various types of network traffic. A network could have one public-facing, low security network that does not touch any sensitive information. Another segment could have much more fine-grained access control with software-based firewall and encryption policies on it, which allow sensitive data to traverse over it. Theoretically, if a bad actor gets access to the public-facing network, there would be no way for them to access the secure segments of the network.

Internet of things management - Increasing numbers of connected devices means a deluge of network traffic. SDN proponents claim a software-based network-management overlay can help prioritize traffic and conduct analytics on the type of traffic on the network.


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