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Schneider Electric offers free solution to help Malaysian companies cut energy losses

AvantiKumar | March 8, 2016
Soo Pow Leong of Schneider Electric said SMEs can experience energy losses of about 8% which directly impact revenue.

Schneider Electric president  - Soo Pow Leong 

Photo - Soo Pow Leong, Malaysian Country President of Schneider Electric announced that Schneider Electric will be offering free electrical monitoring solution to businesses in Malaysia.


Power and cooling specialist Schneider Electric is offering a free electrical monitoring solution to help Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reduce energy losses.

 Schneider Electric Malaysia country president Soo Pow Leong said SMEs without an electrical monitoring system in place can experience annual energy losses of about 8 percent, adding to the revenue losses from business downtime caused by power disruptions.
He said the company wished to help businesses track real-time power conditions, minimise business downtime and realise a positive impact to the bottom line.

The web-based power monitoring software is completely free of charge, with no additional engineering fees, Soo added.
"While most medium businesses are familiar with monitoring of the digital power meters, most are not aware that Schneider Electric low voltage electrical components that connect and power important businesses process are now intelligent, provide useful data and can be monitored," he said.

"With this new tool, commercial buildings (small offices, shopping complexes, etc), high-rise residences, F&B production facilities and small manufacturing plants are much closer to undisrupted connectivity across the electrical distribution board and a significantly reduced downtime from power disruptions," said Soo.


He said that with Schneider Electric's free Electrical Monitoring software, businesses will receive the On/Off/Trip status via email notification and, depending on the telecommunications provider, an SMS notification too.

He added that outages can be very expensive when they happen to critical business processes and for a small business with a lean budget, eliminating power disruptions is especially important.

For a small office complex or a shopping centre, the benefits of knowing instantly where and when the power went off are obvious, said Soo.

Even in smaller businesses such as F&B production facilities, knowing that a power trip cut off power supply to the main fridge or a water pump, eliminates unnecessary food wastage and preserves profitability," Soo said.

In addition, the software allows for raw data output and logging. "Power monitoring is a large business, presently estimated at RM300 (about US$74) million in Malaysia and you typically see organizations spending from RM100,000 (almost US$25,000) upwards on a basic solution that includes power monitoring software and software integration. For most small and medium organization this cost is prohibitive," he said.

"As an energy management company with globally-recognised reliable electrical hardware devices, we are delighted to offer this entry-level monitoring tool to our customers," Soo said.

He said the cost and complexity of electrical monitoring has been a barrier for small and medium businesses," he said. "With this offer, Schneider Electric is proud to enable the Malaysian customers to experience that luxury and operate their facilities more efficiently. Since the solution is future-proof, when the facility matures enough for an upgrade, it can be easily done."

For more information about the Schneider Electric free Electrical Monitoring tool, please log in to and enter the key code - 57165M


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