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Prepare now for the death of Flash and Java plug-ins

Paul Venezia | Feb. 1, 2016
Countless IT admin tools depend on these technologies. Do you have a plan to keep yours working?

Even worse are the in-house systems developed on these platforms. Companies that have custom-built software running manufacturing and production lines or that are managing extremely expensive bespoke hardware will be faced with a difficult choice. They will either require their customers to run and maintain 2008-era Windows XP systems with the last compatible Flash or Java toolset, or they will have to undertake a major software rewrite project that could potentially deal a significant blow to the bottom line.

Meanwhile, command-line interfaces from decades ago work as well now as they ever did. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned.

As for the GUI pickle, there's nothing to do but prepare for it. Make master VM templates of management systems now that you can use for as long as possible. Begin contacting your major vendors and discuss their road map to get out from under their Flash or Java plug-in interfaces. Bite your tongue and budget to replace hardware and software well before its time. Start looking at your own code and begin planning for a way out yourself. This won't be optional. You can either tow a growing ball and chain of legacy dependencies behind you until you can't move further, or you can start whittling away at the links in that chain now.

Sadly, not doing anything will be the decision of an unsettling number of companies. This is why DOS systems still live on in data centers and why 30-year-old Amigas still run HVAC for entire school systems. It's pretty horrifying.

This problem isn't going away. It won't improve. It's better to get out in front of it while there's still time. Try to choose a platform that will not hit a similar dead end in a decade or less. Good luck.

Source: Infoworld 


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