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Bridgestone modernises data centre, hauls out 13 tons of copper wire

Patrick Thibodeau | May 9, 2017
50-year-old data centre gets a major upgrade as tire maker simplifies IT.

About 90 percent of the workloads in Bridgestone's data center are virtualized, Olds said. The facility has 3,000 physical and virtual servers.

Olds said there will be an ongoing need for on-premise data centers. "To me it's a balancing act," he said, and he doesn't see any model that is all-cloud or on-premise. The cloud is a complementary service, he said.

Bridgestone also built a data center to tier three standards, which means having redundant power feed, generators, power distribution, cooling system and network. The Uptime Institute, an independent advisory group, developed a Tier Classification System and certifies data centers on one to four levels. Bridgestone didn't seek official certification, since "we weren't selling our services, it didn't make sense to spend that money," Hartz said.

The renovation allowed Bridgestone to move to an environmentally friendly cooling system. The data center uses outside air cooling for 70 percent of the year. Mechanical cooling is only required once the temperature reaches 70 degrees.

In the Mother of all Demos, Engelbart demonstrated the mouse, videoconferencing, copy and paste, windowing and many other technologies. It's hard to imagine what this data center will look like in 2068.


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