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Velocity Micro Raptor Z40 review: It's a lean, clean small-profile gaming machine

Jon L. Jacobi | March 14, 2016
Not every gaming machine has to have more flashing lights than Las Vegas or be taller than an 8-year-old.

The tandem SSDs read data sequentially at 1,044MBps and wrote it at 724MBps. Not M.2/NVMe-like performance, but still much better than a single SSD. Even the hard drive was decently fast, reading at almost 200MB/s.

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 handbrake benchmark chart
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The Z40’s gaming scores were about what you’d expect from a Skylake system with a GTX 970 pushing pixels: 5,364 on in 3DMark’s FireStrike Extreme, 58.5fps in Tomb Raider on Ultra settings at 2500x1600, and 70.03fps in BioShock Infinite on Ultra settings. Not bad.

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 tomb raider ultimate 25x16 benchmark chart
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bioshock infinite ultra quality benchmark chart
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I like this box. It stays out of the way, and there’s plenty of power and room for a more powerful single-slot GPU should you feel the need. Then there’s that M.2 slot just waiting to double your data throughput. To boot, at $1,899 Velocity isn’t charging you an arm and a leg for professionally wrapping these components in a nice neat package. It even includes a one-year warranty on the build, in addition to the various component warranties.


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