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Universiti Putra Malaysia first in country to use Fujitsu Primequest

AvantiKumar | Jan. 16, 2014
UPM is revamping its IT support systems to drive more national development research initiatives, said Universiti Putra Malaysia's Khairulmizam Samsudin.

UPM Fujitsu  modified

Photo - (From left) Edward Ling, Senior Manager of Platform Products for Infrastructure Services and Solutions, Fujitsu Malaysia; Zulkifee Othman, Bursar, Universiti Putra Malaysia; Khairulmizam Samsudin (Ph.D), Director of InfoComm Development Center (iDEC), Universiti Putra Malaysia; and Yoshiharu Ishiwata, Vice President, Quality Assurance Division, IA Server Business unit, Fujitsu Limited.

Research university Universiti Putra Malaysia [UPM] has chosen Fujitsu Primequest open server technology as part of its IT transformation plan, which also makes the university the first in the country to use Primequest, said ICT systems provider Fujitsu.

UPM director of InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) Dr Khairulmizam Samsudin said the university has started to upgrade several IT system upgrade projects to boost the campus' operational efficiency as well as to fulfill the standard accounting compliance initiated by the government.  

"UPM is revamping its IT support systems to facilitate more research initiatives for national development while reducing the operational costs at the same time," said Dr Khairulmizam.

"The deployment of Fujitsu's Primequest servers has integrated our systems across departments into the central business operation environment, and also will reduce our annual recurring software expenses by up to 50 per cent.," he said. 
Dr Khairulmizam said UPM has also adopted the Fujitsu Primergy servers to replace existing legacy systems to better support their increasing human resources (HR) application workloads as well as protect mission critical HR applications from hardware or software failures during migration to other environments.

"Before rolling out the new Primergy servers, our HR Payroll system took 3 hours to compute, now it is 75 percent faster and completes in about 45 minutes," he said.

Fujitsu Primequest

Photo - Fujitsu Primequest

Compliance and continuity

Dr Khairulmizam said the IT infrastructure upgrades would also help to secure business continuity and meet to the ISMS/IEC 27001 2007 certification, which was recently given to UPM. "It is also for compliance with the Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies (known as SAGA).

The Fujitsu servers were purchased in two phases (March and April 2013). Today, the servers are fully operational and supporting UPM's operations, he said.

Fujitsu Malaysia's senior manager of platform products for infrastructure services and solutions, Edward Ling said "Fujitsu brought in the Primequest open server technology to Malaysia in early 2013. UPM was the first customer who bought the system immediately right after its official sales initiated. It clearly indicated a strong demand for high reliability and high performance servers in this market."

More businesses are seeking open platforms for their mission-critical operations to avoid vendor dependency and optimise their return-on-investment (ROI) on IT infrastructures, said Ling.

"Primequest's mainframe-like enterprise platform reliability, error prevention and self-healing capabilities allow organizations to run mission-critical computing with industry open standards supporting multiple operating system (OS) platforms - such as Microsoft Windows and Linux OS, as well as industry-grade software and databases," he said, adding that the company has received interest from the commercial, education, retail, communications, public and financial services sectors.


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