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Security Manager's Journal: Found: 30 unmanaged servers that shouldn't be

Mathias Thurman | Nov. 5, 2013
They're Internet-facing, unpatched machines with no malware protection. How could that ever happen?

So there's no bad guy in this story, but we clearly have some process shortcomings. The password for Lab Manager should have been changed when the admin left the IT department, according to our policy. We had undocumented servers with customer data on them, which is against our policy. Why was there no email alert or other notification from Lab Manager that servers had been provisioned? I also want to find out why the provisioned servers weren't installed with our predefined baseline image, which would have installed our systems management software, patches and antivirus software, and hardened the operating system.

One other question comes to mind: Why didn't our security information and event management system alert us that there were new IP addresses in our DMZ? I'll definitely look into that one.


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