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Samsung Printer Xpress C410W review: NFC makes low-end color laser a little special

Jon L. Jacobi | Oct. 24, 2013
The print quality is good which is surprisingly good for a low-end model.

Additional costs include a $98 imaging unit, which is good for 16,000 black pages and 4,000 color pages, as well as a $13 toner waste container that's good for 7,500 black pages and 1750 color pages. Eventually those replacements will add another 0.8 cents per page. Not the stuff of a bargain hunter's dreams.

Very slow performance
The XPress C410W's speed is strictly ho-hum for a laser printer, but acceptable for the printer's intended small- or home-office role.Text and monochrome graphics pages printed at an aggregate 8.2 per minute on the PC and 7.9 on the Mac. Small (4-by-6-inch) photos printed at about 2 pages per minute in graphics mode and 1.5 pages in photo mode. A full-page photo printed on the Mac took about 54 seconds.

What makes this all arguably worthwhile is the print quality, which is surprisingly good for a low-end model. Although we sometimes had to fiddle with settings to get the best possible quality, even the default colors printed smoothly and looked fairly realistic, whether they were fleshtones, landscapes, or objects. An inkjet in this price range, such as the HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 ePrinter, will deliver even better color quality--and likely, better ink prices and speed--but if you must stick with color laser, you could do worse than the XPress C410W.

Though the Samsung Printer XPress C410W's NFC printing is a neat trick, it's compelling only in a world where NFC is everywhere. It's not. Of its other qualities, the look of the XPress C410W's output is its best suit and may compensate for the unit's mundane speed. We'd like this printer a lot better with more reasonable supply costs, though--at least a half-star better.


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