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Researcher works to make 3D-printed metals stronger, customizable

Sharon Gaudin | Oct. 27, 2014
WPI engineer's work involves printing with semi-solid metals, instead of limited powders.

"It largely comes down to the economics," Parker said. "What are the economics of the goo? Does it create maintenance issues in the printer? How expensive is it to create? This is the first step to commercialization proving the concept. But then you need to produce it economically. It breeds well in captivity, but how does it do in the wild?

Apelian said they are probably a year-and-a-half away from actually using semi-solids in a testing environment.

"We're not doing any printing yet until we know what we're doing," he added. "When I understand what's going on, then I'll print. I want to know what the issues are and figure it out and then I'll go work on it. It's all the prep work ahead of time."


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