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Razer Man O' War review: This pillowy headset is almost as mighty as its name

Hayden Dingman | Aug. 1, 2016
Razer gets most things right with the Man O' War.

One other aspect I love: You can configure whether each program runs in 2.0 Stereo or 7.1 virtual surround individually, through Synapse. Want Spotify to output in stereo while playing a game in simulated 7.1? You can do that.

As for whether you should? Debatable. The Man O’ War’s “surround” is about as good as the G933—which is to say, good for a headset. Still, the stereo output on the Man O’ War is so incredible I’d dare say you’re better off simply relying on that.

Razer Man O’ War

And then there’s the microphone. Again, Razer impresses here. The microphone’s voice reproduction is pretty great, but the dedicated volume wheel scores extra points for making it easy to adjust how loud you are. Whether you run with the microphone close to your mouth or further away, you can dial your volume in and ensure you’re not coming through too loud or getting cut off by the noise-gate. As a bonus, the mic is decent at cutting out background noise, which is a problem on the G933.

Bottom line

As I said, within their price category, I think the G933 just barely edges out the Man O’ War. Logitech’s headset has better sound out-of-the-box, and it doesn’t make the creepy creaking-skeleton noises when you flex it to put on your head.

But don’t discount Razer. A fantastic microphone, incredible battery life, and an amazing soundstage make the Man O’ War worth a second look, even if it means spending a bit more time tweaking the EQ to your tastes.


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