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Plextor M7V M.2 SATA SSD review: Not quite an 850 EVO, but also cheaper

Jon L. Jacobi | Aug. 22, 2016
It's a good everyday performer if you're not in the habit of writing large files.

But Samsung’s RAPID mode is transparent, PlexTurbo is not, and PlexTurbo also produced even more of those dips and climbs, not to mention very inconsistent results in AS SSD. I removed it. Hopefully it will have improved by the time you read this. 

Other than the large-data drop-off, which in most user’s day-to-day usage is rare, both the MG7 and the EVO 850 provide the full-on SSD experience. The MG7’s dips and climbs are unsightly, but produce roughly the same overall, everyday performance.


Given the right price, the 5125GB Plextor M7V could be an attractive alternative to the Samsung 850 EVO. I’d stay away from the 128GB and 256GB models which have proportionately less cache and subject you to the large file-write drop-off sooner. As a matter of fact, if writing large amounts of data is a common scenario for you, the Samsung EVO 850 is worth the small premium. Better yet, opt for an MLC SSD that offers consistently fast performance across the board.  


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