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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 review: The new people's champion topples Titans

Brad Chacos | May 30, 2016
Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1070 is one hell of a graphics card, delivering Titan X-level performance at a price real gamers can afford.

Sadly, time constraints—this card is launching during Computex, one of the biggest PC industry trade shows of the year—prevented us from testing the GTX 1070 Founders Edition’s overclocking capabilities.

The Division

First up: Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s third-person shooter/RPG that mixes elements of Destiny and Gears of War. The game’s set in a gorgeous and gritty recreation of post-apocalyptic New York, running on Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop engine. Despite incorporating Nvidia Gameworks features—which we disabled during benchmarking to level the playing field—the game scales well across all hardware and isn’t part of Nvidia’s “The Way It’s Meant to be Played” lineup. AMD hardware’s slight lead at 4K resolution with everything cranked might be part of the reason why.

gtx 1070 division
(Click for larger image). 

gtx 1070 divisoin 1080
(Click for larger image). 

Here, Nvidia’s claims hold true. The $380 GTX 1070 indeed goes toe-to-toe with the $1,000 Titan X—though the leap in performance from the GTX 970 to the GTX 1070 isn’t as momentous as the performance leap from the GTX 980 to the GTX 1080. Where the GTX 1080 delivered frame rates roughly 70 percent higher than its direct predecessor, the GTX 1070 only offers a 23.5 percent bump at 1080p, a 53 percent bump at 1440p, and a 25 percent bump at 4K.

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is another Ubisoft game, but running on the latest version of the long-respected Dunia engine that’s been underpinning the series for years now. We tested these GPUs with the game’s free 4K HD texture pack enabled.

gtx 1070 fc 4k
(Click for larger image). 

gtx 1070 fc 1440 
(Click for larger image).

 gtx 1070 fc 1080
(Click for larger image). 

The game tends to favor AMD cards at higher resolutions, but as you can see, the GTX 1070 beats out every other graphics card tested with the exception of its big brother, the GTX 1080. Here, the performance gains over the last-gen GTX 970 are a bit more respectable; 41.3 percent at 1080p, 66.6 percent at 1440p, and 73.6 percent at 4K using the Ultra preset.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The gorgeous Rise of the Tomb Raider scales very well across all GPU hardware, though it clearly prefers Nvidia GPUs to the Fury X once you reach the upper echelon of graphics cards. We didn’t include DirectX 12 results because the game actually pushes fewer average frames in that mode compared to DirectX 11, though the DX12 minimum frame times are much higher, providing a less stuttery experience.


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