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HPE targets devops-ready organisations with composable Synergy system

By Tamlin Magee | Oct. 5, 2016
HPE was keen to woo partners at a gigantic event hosted at the Olympic park's velodrome which featured a guest appearance from six-time Olympic champion Chris Hoy.

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This week Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) hosted an enormous event in east London's Lee Valley Park at the Olympic venue for cycling, to talk up its 'composable' infrastructure, Synergy.

As well as showboating appreciative customers, executives told Computerworld UK the technology is moving out of the beta stage and will directly benefit organisations making the most of devops.

HPE announced its composable infrastructure last year, the idea being a flexible, scalable system that bridges the gap between traditional and new IT architecture, and the company rolled out the red carpet in an aggressive attempt to get partners in the channel and elsewhere on board.

"If you look at traditional infrastructure it's fairly rigid, it takes a long time to set up infrastructure, get it all right, then deploy," says Paul Miller, VP of marketing of Converged Data Center Infrastructure. "If you look at the new world and all that's happening with all the new applications coming out to support the digital economy, that's what we're focusing on to build Synergy."

That means, Miller says, focusing on two particular groups - although of course, existing HPE customers looking for an upgrade might be wooed to Synergy as a complementary technology.

"We talk about one of the catchphrases: more dev, less ops," Miller says. "That's a mantra that a lot of customers want. We enable that through Synergy."

HP IT is using Synergy in its devops environment - and it allows developers to request building applications in a virtualisation pool through the API, and get it, without having to actually interact with the infrastructure.

"They're programming the infrastructure through the software defined interface," he says. "If they want to get a container, they talk to Docker, Docker talks to the infrastructure and says this is what the developer needs, and provides them with a total Docker environment to do the development. If they want to do it on bare metal, it's the same thing."

"With Synergy you set it up to be what you want at the time you want it - it's not sitting there, and it's not overprovisioned, and it's not using stuff," he says. "And since it's all in your own house, you can move into production very quickly and get all the same benefits that you do on the dev side. So this whole world of dev and ops being core to the future, that's what we built Synergy to do."

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But traditional architecture is also a space where HPE believes it can achieve success with Synergy.


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