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How to build the immortal data center

Neal Weinberg | Oct. 11, 2013
By following some simple best practices, you may be able to take your existing data center and retrofit it to last pretty much forever, says Gartner analyst David Cappuccio.

He also says that there are better ways to approach the cooling issue. Many data centers today have hot aisles and cold aisles. This requires an extensive system of cold air being forced up through the floor and pushed through the servers via fans. Then the hot air comes out the back and is sucked up into the ceiling, where it is cooled and circulated through the loop.

Cappuccio says it makes more sense to build a smaller, self-contained high-density room within the data center for the racks that need it, and then to have lower density zones that don't require the same level of cooling.

He also says there are new, liquid cooling technologies that could help cool servers more efficiently. These liquid cooling techniques, which include putting refrigerator coils on the server door itself, are much more expensive, but pay for themselves in the long run.

And the final component to the infinite data center plan is the cloud. Cappuccio says companies should think about moving non-critical workloads, like testing or archiving,  to a cloud provider.

Eventually, companies will create a hybrid cloud strategy where certain workloads live in the cloud, thus freeing up space in the immortal data center.


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