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CIO Summit 2013 Kuala Lumpur: NetApp and the Focus on Business Value

F.Y. Teng | Sept. 3, 2013
Get maximised ROI from your current IT infrastructure, and plan to gain the same from investments in new technologies always.

Scott Morris, Vice President and General Manager, ASEAN, NetApp

Scott Morris, Vice President and General Manager, ASEAN, NetApp, will be one of the opening speakers at this year's edition of the CIO Summit in Malaysia. In his presentation, Morris will be delving into the specifics of dealing with the various, often complex, governance issues associated with implementing new technologies, particularly those in areas such as the cloud, mobility, social media and Big Data. In this interview, he shares with us his reading of developing trends in enterprise technology deployment and NetApp's approach to ensuring its customers derive top dollar value from their existing IT infrastructures as well as the new technologies they go on to adopt.

 Based on your interaction with customers, what would you say are the top five priorities of CIOs today?
There are business and technological priorities that the CIO has to consider, and in our interaction with customers, five questions keep surfacing. They are:-

1.      How can my business acquire new customers?
2.      How do I create some sort of competitive advantage?
3.      How do I create efficiency or reduce my business costs to become more streamlined?
4.      How do I retain or look after my existing customers?
5.      How can I better protect my customer base and optimize their business needs?

At NetApp, we believe in helping customers derive business value with their current IT infrastructure. When looking at their IT priorities, it is about embracing new technologies such as those in the cloud, mobility, social media and big data categories to meet their business and IT needs.

How should they approach meeting these priorities?
What it really comes down to is about ensuring the optimal utilisation of the organisation's resources–i.e. its people, processes and technology–to ensure business growth.

People—It is important to understand the people's needs and their understanding of the technology available to them, and to equip them with the appropriate skills to leverage the technologies.

Processes and Technology—When deploying and implementing new technologies, it's important for businesses to think about the current challenges, situational analysis and outcome that the business is driving towards. Based on these goals, we're better able to understand the impact and advise on the right methodology and process for the customers to achieve the outcome-be it through virtualization maturity, cloud maturity or shared infrastructure assessments.


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