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CIO Summit 2013 Hong Kong: Lenovo and IT Priorities

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 1, 2013
What the world's top PC maker is going to do to help CIOs solve their problems.

As we continue to develop solutions that are well-known for their durability and reliability, we are also innovating on design and form factors for changing generational tastes-these are purposeful and designed to increase end-user productivity while providing the standards and security CIOs require. For example, we have released a family of touch-optimised convertible devices including the ThinkPad Helix and Twist that are specially designed for Windows 8. These new multi-mode devices change the future of personal computing and redefine the way people use PCs. These devices have the ability to flip, fold, twist, turn and separate.

What will be the most important trends, in your opinion, to emerge in the next couple years in enterprise IT, and which will be a boon and which a curse?
In my view, the largest emerging trend is cloud. The cloud will be a boon, but also a potential challenge for organisations. It can obviously reduce CAPEX for many, but can result in a rise in OPEX costs due to the need to ensure compliance and security. Another trend is the rise in mobile applications-a boon in terms of productivity and information access, but a potential issue as an attack vector for corporate data.

How are you and your organisation preparing to help CIOs overcome the challenges brought on by these trends and make the most of the advantages they bring?
Starting from the device up, we are, as mentioned above, working within industry standards on the hardware side such as vPro to optimise interaction with the cloud. Our device strategy for enterprise is built around Windows-based manageability and security, which are standards CIOs have used for years.

Do you foresee these emerging trends and your interactions with customers, moving forward, forcing a change in your product offerings, in your support and services organisation, and even in the way you approach customers and establish and maintain your customer relationships?
Changing our product offerings-yes, to an extent, in the sense that we are already updating our products to reflect new trends in end-user preferences for design and non-traditional form factors. However, what will not change is that we will continue to produce the enterprise-focused products that meet the security, manageability and durability needs of CIOs.

Reinforcing support and services further-we have a large global network of service centres and business partners, the need for which will absolutely continue. We will continue to build on and improve this as the number and types of devices we support increases. Our focus on long-term solutions, both device and cloud-based will continue to require this network.


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