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Braven 105 vs. Jam Rewind: Portable speakers with good sound

Barbara Krasnoff | Aug. 22, 2016
These two durable Bluetooth speakers are both small and inexpensive, but they have distinct differences as well.

The Jam Rewind paired without any problem. The audio was slightly muddy but otherwise surprisingly full, considering the size of the speaker -- it handled the bass notes well, especially for songs with heavy beats. Much of the responsibility for that probably lies with the two back speakers; if you touch them while the Jam Rewind is playing, you can feel the vibrations.

(In fact, those back speakers are the only thing that make me a bit nervous about the possible fragility of the device, in spite of its rubber casing. Whenever I pick it up, I tend to accidentally press in the back speakers, which are suspended in order to allow for those same vibrations.)

Like the Braven 105, the manufacturer rates it for eight hours of playing time, and again like the Braven, it played on and off for several days before it needed to be topped up.

The device is overall dark gray; you can get it with light gray, blue or red highlights. But be careful where you purchase it -- while it retails at Amazon and other retailers for $30-$40, the price on the Jam website is a somewhat higher $85.

Bottom line

The Jam Rewind is a conveniently small and conveniently designed Bluetooth speaker, with good bass sound.


When you're comparing two similar devices, sometimes you find that there isn't a winner or loser -- it all depends on what you're looking for.

The Jam Rewind is a fun, lightweight device that produces surprisingly good bass and would suit anyone who wants a casual portable speaker to use with a phone or tablet. The Braven 105 offers a bright, clean sound, durability and a variety of mounting choices, and so would suit someone with an active lifestyle (and who doesn't mind a little inconvenience when powering it up).


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