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AMD's US$1,500 dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo is built for virtual reality

Gordon Mah Ung | March 15, 2016
It may be the world's most powerful VR card, at least until Nvidia catches up again.

Given the card's two Fiji GPUs, it's safe to assume a doubling of the Fury X specs. That means 4GB of HBM memory and 4,096 stream processors in each package, for a total of 8GB of HBM RAM and 8,192 stream processors. 

The company did provide some numbers to justify its claim to “most powerful platform for virtual reality.” It benchmarks used an Intel Core i7-5960X rig with 16GB of RAM and Windows 10, plus the latest drivers for a GeForce GTX Titan Z and its own Radeon 295 X2. Take these numbers with a grain of salt, but compared to the last generation of dual-GPU cards, it looks promising.

When can you buy it?

While the Radeon Pro Duo may be the fastest single graphics card when released, it may not enjoy that status for long. Its next-quarter release could mean a debut sometime between April and May. Nvidia has been heavily rumored to be releasing its new Pascal GPU as early as April, at its own GTC conference. Like AMD’s Polaris, Pascal will be a next-generation card built on a 14nm process. If that happens, it'll be just another volley in the VR graphics wars. 


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