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AMD plots return to the data center with Epyc

Andy Patrizio | May 26, 2017
The chip-maker’s Naples platform has the speeds and feeds to beat Intel. Will it make a difference?

"We're not just interested in competing on general purpose server with price performance. We really tried to take that core and implement it in a SoC [system on chip] infrastructure that is distinctly different from what we think Intel is bringing to market. We're not trying for one-upmanship. We did what we did on memory and I/O because those were the right things to do to scale and unlock the full power of the machine," Norrod says.

And while Intel could play a game of catch-up, Norrod believes it won't because it does not want to bring expanded memory bandwidth in the two-socket market because that would cannibalize Intel's four-socket business, where there is greater memory bandwidth.

AMD is, for now, eschewing four-socket servers because it doesn't see that as a growing market. "The trends of history ride strongly against it. On a unit volume basis, two-socket continues to be the overwhelming segment of the market. Four-socket and above is a gradually declining market," said Norrod.




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