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5 burning questions about AMD's Bristol Ridge chips

Agam Shah | April 6, 2016
Will laptops with AMD's Bristol Ridge chips have Thunderbolt 3 ports, Optane and 3D RealSense cameras?

4) Will we see detachables with AMD chips?

AMD has been shying away from tablets for years, and it's hunch was correct with that market now slumping. But the market for detachables like Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 is gaining strength. HP, Lenovo and Dell are moving in the direction of building lightweight hybrids in which screens can be detached to be used as tablets. AMD has indicated its 7th Generation FX and A-series chips are meant for PCs, so it remains to be seen if it will build a tablet-class Bristol Ridge chip that can be put behind a detachable screen. AMD has indicated it can make a chip if necessary.

5) Will AMD overcome Intel bias?

Chip enthusiasts either like AMD chips or don't. AMD hopes to create a more positive sentiment around its processors with its upcoming Zen chips, which deliver significantly better performance. Zen will be in gaming desktops later this year, and then in servers and laptops next year. Analysts agree AMD is putting all its eggs in one  basket, regarding Zen, and that if the chip fails, the company's future is uncertain. If Bristol Ridge does well, it could drum up wider support for Zen and sway away users dedicated to Intel chips, which could help AMD's cause.


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