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WPC 2015: Pip Marlow - Together we can own tomorrow

Mike Gee | July 20, 2015
Microsoft Australia managing director, Pip Marlow, addressed the company's World Partner Conference 2015 in Orlando, Florida, on July 15. This is the full transcript of her address.

And in this new world Cloud would disrupt how innovation was being delivered to his customers. So he went back home to the shores of Australia and he made a very bold decision. Brad disrupted himself, and despite investing heavily for years in Productive, he created a new organisation called InverseCurve born around the BPOS opportunity. And over time that grew, and they became one of our most successful Office 365 partners selling tens of thousands of seats to hundreds of organizations across Australia.

But Brad, like all great entrepreneurs, had one eye on the road ahead, and he realized that in the world of the modern customer just transacting in Office 365 would not be enough to differentiate himself. So he came to the local Microsoft team for a little bit of help. And together we went on a journey of learning and discovery. We ran the partner profitability workshops with him, and he would say that it was eye-opening, so much so that he created a new business model and a new company called CloudFirst, where they've created some unique IP, IP that was focused on the franchise market and that they could replicate. And they built that IP on Office 365 and they are delivering it on the CSP program.

At the heart of this transformation for Brad, which he says Microsoft was with him every step of the way, was especially of value to his customers, but partnering with the local team to run those workshops to challenge himself on what's next. And I want to challenge every partner in this room to engage their local teams on those workshops. I've had some people say, I don't know that they're for me. We don't need them. But there are so many stories of partners large and small in Australia who have used these workshops to transform how they do business.

But it's not the only way to engage your local team. I want to tell you the story of InfoMedics, another great partner. But before I do, you need to know a little bit about the world that they operate in So Australia, world's largest island, almost as big geographically as the U.S., but with a population more the size of Texas. And in our homeland, we have a very distributed healthcare system and many of the workers in there are still paper-based and desk-bound.

InfoMedics created some amazing IP, IP that allowed them to digitize patient records, which meant healthcare workers, doctors, nurses could access the information that mattered most to them from anywhere. But to reach their customers in this distributed world, they had to disrupt their marketing; they had to go from the old world to the new to reach and talk to them.


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