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What you can learn from Nordstrom's use of the cloud

Brandon Butler | July 29, 2015
The example of how retailer Nordstrom uses cloud computing services could serve as an example to other businesses who are struggling with how to use the cloud.

This "center of excellence" approach is certainly not the only way organizations use cloud computing resources. Gartner promotes bi-modal IT, the idea that there are two IT teams within an organization: One is responsible for the day-to-day operations of IT making sure everything is working, planning the capacity, fixing issues and basically just keeping the lights on, as the phrase goes. There is a second team that is more agile, faster-paced and uses new technologies, like the cloud.

Whatever the strategy either the center of excellence like Nordstrom has done, or the bi-modal approach suggested by Gartner it's clear organizations are looking to use cloud services more and more. One of the biggest questions is how those services will actually be implemented within the organization.

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